About Us

There are many ways we can think of to pollute the environment if we wish to!!!! But do I and you wish to do that really!!! I am sure many of you would say a firm NO and that’s what is pleasing for the ears.

But for many of those who would still be wondering, how we start, here we are at GM Enterprises, to guide you along on how to do, just that.

For a change to happen, someone needs to put his hand up and begin the process. But it’s not one man’s job for sure. It’s a collective effort which can commence from your respective homes. Let’s take this common example. Most of us would have been used to making use of plastic products for most part of our lives, in one form or other.

Since its inception 17 years ago, that is way back in 2003, GM Enterprises continues to do its bit in contributing to a green and healthy Australia. This was the time when we introduced food accessories in the form of Bio-Plates, which are 100% Bio-degradable and eco-friendly, into Australia. Today, Bio-Plates have become the identity of GM Enterprises, all over Australia. This is because we have conducted intense researches with respect to its environment sustenance, raw materials used and probable after effects after its disposal, with the health factor in mind.

The key advantage of Bio-Plates lies in it being 100% Natural and manufactured out of the leaves of the Areca Nut Palm Tree, found in abundance in the nature rich habitations of  India.

At GM Enterprises, not only do we educate our fellow Australian Citizens about the advantages present with Bio-Plates but also our farmers and their families.  This can open up doors for them to make a decent living.

Moreover, GM Enterprises (NSW) the company that sells “Bio-Plates” ensures that, their factories do not employ under age workers. Reasonable wages and working conditions are taken care of. All the workers with us are in a safe and healthy environment as no chemicals, additives, or complicated heavy machinery is used, during the production process. The management team of Bio-plates visits our manufacturing units on a very frequent basis, to ensure quality of product is maintained and also to discuss introduction of new and innovative products. To make it doubly safe and secure, all stocks imported into Australia is offered to the end user only after inspection by The Australian Quarantine services. So our consumers can enjoy their Pasta, Curry or Steak without a worry!

We hope and are sure that you will be with us and support our drive towards making Australia, a completely plastic and polystyrene free nation. Bio-Plates will be the ideal beginning towards this as we shall require a substantially new manner of thinking, if mankind is to survive.