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About Us

G.M. Enterprises (NSW) are the pioneers who brought “BIO PLATE” in to Australia. The 100% Bio degradable 100% Eco friendly, Disposable food service accessories are made in India from the frond of the Areca Nut Palm tree.

Here is a plate to suit all occasion be it community functions, BBQ’s corporate events etc. Right when the world is showing concern to save our earth from further Degradation.

G.M. Enterprise BIO PLATES are a perfect alternate to dangerous plastics and polystyrene that has been contaminating our land fill sites.

Being 100% natural these Bio plates degrade like any other plant matter. “Necessity is the mother of Invention” ... So the saying goes Everything we see around us today is the result of our never ending needs. Before the advent of science or Intelligent ideas we were satisfied with natures own offerings.

In our quest for convenience we have ended up with several Inventions that are becoming a threat to our Nature. It is said, that “history repeats itself” and hence man's quest to prevent our environment from further degradation. This has led him back to Nature........ Our nature's own offering “THE ARECA NUT PALM TREE” is being used to make disposable food serving accessories from the PALM LEAF FRONDS.

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